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(801) 352-9911

7370 South Creek Road #104 Sandy, UT 84093

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Tues: 12am-9pm
Wed: 10am-3pm
Thurs: 12am-9pm
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What About Denture Emergencies


Most people think if you don’t have teeth, your dental problems are over.  Anyone with dentures can assure you that isn’t true! Trying to talk or eat without dentures or poorly fitting dentures can not only be difficult and painful, but also embarrassing.  And just like teeth, denture emergencies happen at inconvenient times.  That’s why at Emergency Dental we are here to help with all dental needs!

Oh No…

From a full denture, partial denture or retainer, problems occur when the appliance accidentally slips out of a wet hand and is dropped.  Sometimes the material wears thin and can snap as a result.  Another problem is ill-fitting appliances.  Poor fit creates uneven pressure points and results in infection, mouth sores, and other issues. Whether it is due to poor construction of the initial denture or changes in your mouth that result in a bad fit, it a recipe for disaster.  The resulting discomfort is unpleasant, but if it isn’t corrected the pressure can cause the dental appliance to develop small fractures and eventually break!

Now What?

When a denture is damaged, do not try to wear it.  You may also be tempted to run to the drug store and pick up a denture repair kit, but the first thing you should do is call an emergency dentist!  Repair kits can sometimes cause more damage to the appliance and are only meant as a temporary fix. An emergency dentist is the best choice to determine the extent of the damage and find the right fix. Often a simple bonding material is all it takes for repairs. Other times, however, it is a little more involved.  Make the right call from the start by calling an emergency dentist.

What’s Next…

The good news is the resin the dentures are made of is repairable! The dentist can add more acrylic to a damaged appliance to reinforce and repair it.  Missing teeth from the denture can also be replaced if needed. Three other types of repair for dentures are relines, rebases, and adjustments.  An emergency dentist can determine which will help with your specific problem.  A reline improves comfort by making sure the denture pressure is evenly distributed.  When the pink acrylic which holds your teeth in place is completely remade, it is called a rebase.  If you just have a sore spot or two due to rubbing, our dentists can adjustment the fit to relieve your pain.

If you are experiencing a denture emergency, don’t panic! At Emergency Dental we are here to help with all your emergency dental needs and make sure you can smile without fear.  Call us today!

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