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Emergencies When Traveling

You are sitting on a flight.  As plane continues to gain in altitude, so does a previously unnoted toothache.  You are at the hotel pool, slip on the wet deck and chip your tooth.  Emergencies are always unexpected and stressful. But when you are away from home and have an emergency, the stress feels multiplied!  You don’t have a dental first aid kit is not with you.  You’re unfamiliar with the location, and don’t have a trusted provider nearby.

It can cause the most rational thinker to stop and wonder, what do I do? Some may wonder if the emergency room is the only option. Dr. Troy Madsen of the University of Utah states, “The challenge in the ER is there’s not a whole lot we can do….My big recommendation, though, is to get in to see your dentist.”  Luckily, if your dentist isn’t an option, like on vacations, an emergency dentist is nearby!

Dental Triage

Triage is a list of questions that will help you determine the urgency of your situation. At Emergency Dental of Salt Lake, we answer when you need us can help! There is no charge to call and let our trained staff help you navigate a stressful emergency.

There are some problems that you can remedy at a local drugstore until you are home and can see your provider. For example, if your crown came off, some drugstores carry an over-the counter cement you can use to help you get by until you can see a dentist. Try treating a toothache with a homemade salt and pepper paste until you can see a dentist. There are also alternatives to treating the pain other than a prescription medication. If you chipped your tooth and aren’t in pain, you can probably wait until you return home to seek help.

Other times, there is no alternative to immediate treatment.  Some problems, like dental abscesses, or knocked-out teeth can’t wait.  Dr. Mark Burhenne of Ask A Dentist states, “In my experience, pulpal abscesses lead to facial swelling and potentially severe systemic complications, always at the worst possible time, like right before a vacation, exams, or leaving on a business trip. Make an appointment for the next day.” Our convenient hours offer help when other offices close down for the night. We are also open weekends and holidays when many are traveling.

A dental emergency doesn’t have to ruin your vacation or out of town event.  Emergency Dental of Salt Lake will help you navigate the turns of fate life throws at you.  Let us help you take the stress out of your dental emergency! Call us today!

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